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Can using recent team form help you find profitable bets ?

Many punters are making their betting decision based on the current team form, but more often than not it appears that they are losing money. So the fundamental question here is: How easy is it to make money from backing football teams that are in form?

Track Multiple, Arbitrage bets and share your betting history

In today’s article I will review the newest features we recently released and try to explain how to make the most of them. We are a start-up and we love listening to our customers feedback, so we can develop a product that fits everyone’s needs.

Make a living from sport betting - the hard way to make easy money

As you have already might know we are closely collaborating with one of the leading UK tipsters Mike from Winabobatoo who has been online since 2006 - only a very few people managed to stay up and running in the extremely competitive tipping industry.

Reviewing Secret Betting Club a must have tool if you want to follow a tipster and make money

We have always put at the upfront of our company values honesty and transparency. We believe that this is part of the magical formula for business success and will do our absolute best in order to keep these values at the heart of Bettingmetrics.

Review of OddStorm an arbitrage software

Today I will be reviewing software that helps punters to make more money from their sport betting activities. As most of you will most likely agree with me sports betting is an interesting and challenging endeavour.

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